Zanta – Top 5 Advantages of WordPress in the Website Design of an Animal Rescue Charity

May - 16

Zanta – Top 5 Advantages of WordPress in the Website Design of an Animal Rescue Charity

A lot of people are not only realizing the fact that the most well-known blogging tool at the moment is WordPress. They are also starting to acknowledge the value of WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) that can be used in managing a complete website. These days, in the selection of a CMS for a corporate or business website, it is difficult to relegate zanta WordPress to the background.

Here are the 5 main reasons to adopt WordPress in a business website design;

The WordPress interface is quite easy to use for both end users and developers. Adding plugins to edit content or extend functionality is done in a couple of clicks.

It’s completely free. Of course, this sounds fantastic, but using the WordPress engine is totally free.

Themes. A booming network of developers is charged with theme creation. Themes are used to swiftly change the way your website looks. There are a lot of premium themes and free themes out there, and they all contribute to transforming the appearance of your website effortlessly.

Extendable. WordPress is enormously extendable. It had well over 10,000 free plugins that fit in without a glitch into your website. Most of the popular plugins are SEO and e-commerce based.

It’s search-engine-friendly, so it is the favorite of 3 of the major search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). Small businesses should adopt the use of WordPress for this one reason alone, particularly if your business is in a field that’s competitive. You might need to tweak some of the features to suit your needs and to make optimum use of the SEO prospects. This shouldn’t be a hassle as the free plugins will take care of it.

These are the major reasons a lot of web design companies love zanta WordPress.