Using an Under Counter Ice Machine in an Animal Welfare Charity Office

May - 16

Using an Under Counter Ice Machine in an Animal Welfare Charity Office

These compact ice machine units include both the storage bin and the production unit altogether in a unit with the size to fit underneath a countertop. These ice machine units are available in several size capacities, just so they can serve operations ranging from use in office break rooms to use in restaurants. It is important you are aware of how much of ice you will need on hand while experiencing rush hours and how much of ice you will be needing in 24 hours before you set out to purchasing an ice machine unit. These factors will help you in determining the type and size of the under counter ice machine unit that will be suitable for your needs.

One of the factors to be considered when deciding the model that is best for your needs is Sizing. Some ice machine units are fabricated for use in compact suites, just for the production of ice for few drinks. There are other ice machine units in the market that are designed to produce large amounts of ice in hundreds of pounds; they are used for large operations like grocery store delis.

Ice Production

To determine how much ice will be produced by your compact ice machine unit, it is important for you to consider how many clients you will be serving in 24 hours and what you will be using your compact ice machine unit for. It is advised that you go through our ice machine buyers guide, just so you can discover how much ice an under counter ice machine produces. The smallest swing open door model of under counter ice machine units produce ice from 40 pounds of ice daily.

Bin Capacity

It is important for you to consider how much of ice you need for storage by your bin, having your rush hours as a baseline. If you run a coffee shop that is located close a college campus perchance, you will notice that during the period of class change you get the largest volume of business, this will be the period you will need large of ice. It is very important that you make sure your bin can accommodate all the ice you will require during the peak periods and rush hours.