Use IMEI To Search Your Lost Phone

Feb - 07

Use IMEI To Search Your Lost Phone

There’s no decent way to mention the statistics of mobile phones lost every year and never got back because it is disastrous. In spite of having many innovative technologies to track and buscar telefono many people end up losing their phones, forever. Although, GPS tracking services are more than efficient and helpful in saving your devices yet there are times that they cannot help you.

The fact most people are unaware about is that you can only track your mobile phones till it has internet connectivity or it is switched on or at least it has a working sim card in it. Once, there is no scope from any of those options, it’s too hard to track your device. That’s a myth! Reality is, you can still find your phone using its IMEI i.e. International Mobile Equipment Identity, a 15 digit number. It’s like an ID for mobile phones which is used to track them by cops.

Here are a few tips on how to use your IMEI to search your phone:

Get your IMEI number – Don’t wait for your phone to get lost and then panic. Get your IMEI right now; there are numerous ways by which you can get it. You can get it on your phone, just open the ‘About’ section of your Settings and you will get your IMEI number. It is also given behind your sim card, please use a magnifying lens to read it if you don’t want to get a headache. Always keep your IMEI in some safe place other than your phone, so that in any such condition when you can’t track your phone by any of the services, you can still find it by your IMEI.

Ways to find the phone by IMEI – There are just two simple ways by which you can get your phone back using its IMEI, they are:

  • If you already have your phone identification number i.e. its IMEI then you have done half of the work, rest will be handled by cops. You can lodge a theft complain about your lost mobile phone and cops will help you to find it. Since using IMEI number is an authorized process so cops have that software by which they can track the location of your mobile phone within a few minutes. However, it may take a while to reach the given coordinates and catch the culprit. Eventually, you will get your phone back.
  • Another way is as easier as the first one because you have come halfway through by saving your IMEI. There are various applications available online by which you can get the location of your lost smartphone. There are a few applications which charge for their services and some of them are free, you can use either of them. You just have to download the application and install it in someone else’s phone, since you have lost yours. Then the first thing you have to do is to enter your IMEI number and you’ll get the coordinates of the location.