The Most Essential Features to Look For in a Guitar for Small Hands

Dec - 17

The Most Essential Features to Look For in a Guitar for Small Hands

You will agree with me that intense practice and technique adjustments will make virtually everyone perfect in playing guitar. Nevertheless, those with smaller hands might need to pass across numerous obstacles to achieve the necessary expertise level. This is not the best way. Read more here to find the reasons why a guitar for small hands like the ones highlighted in this article exists.

When you are selecting a perfect guitar for your personal use, opt for a well-tested quality and make sure that the sound is of high quality. Don’t try to compromise by picking some micro instruments. Generating your own music will require perfect skill and great tools.

If I had to make a selection, I would suggest that you opt for the Ibanez GRGM21BKN as the premium choice among electric guitars especially for people with small hands. Conversely, the Martin LXM Little Martin is a top acoustic choice for people having small hands.

The manufacturers often incorporate some small new features into their guitars and promote them as the next big thing. Sometimes that is less accurate than it seems.

The true fact is that the basics do not have much deviation.With that considered, there are some very important features that all good guitars should have. This should be suitable for big players with small hands.

Small Body – Select a guitar with the right body size that will enable you to handle the instrument properly. This is especially true for those with small body stature. Electric guitars tend to be appropriate for this case while the acoustic guitars can be rather bulky. Selecting the marginally thinner one could make an important and significant difference.

Short Fingerboard – The ideal range is between 22 and 24 inches. This kind of fingerboard will enable you to get the right chords without putting in too much energy or stretching the fingers. You should feel comfortable when playing the guitar. Also, note the number of frets is another important consideration. The more the better. Small hands have a good shine on advanced frets, even when space between is slightly smaller.

Slender Neck – This is of course attached to the fingerboard length. The shorter necks are slimmer, which is a cool feature because you need to properly handle the neck and reach all the strings appropriately. This is beneficial for fast-paced playing. This is a good news for heavy metal fans with small hands.

Strings – If your small hands feature matching fingers, you should make your guitar strings thinner as well. This will be of great benefit to the play ability. But, you have to be cautious with the sound. Nylon strings can go well with acoustic guitars.

Ultimately, it all depends on the sound. The smaller guitars with smaller string gauges and leaner necks can sound different compared to their full-size equivalents. You are the one that will decide what suits you the most and find yourself the most convenient guitar to practice with your small hands.