The Best Golf Clash Tips for the Discerning Player

Dec - 04

The Best Golf Clash Tips for the Discerning Player

In the game of Golf Clash, how can you properly time those shots? How do the upgrades work? You want to beat more opponents, of course, and you want to do these two things in order to attain success in this game. But we have what you want if you want to expand your golf game – some Golf Clash tips.

There is really not much to the regular shot stage of the game. But it can get complex if you are just starting out, and we can reveal what you need to do to you. At this regular stage, you will be required to pull the ball into the circle, and you do that, you should look for the target circle turning blue. The game will then tell you that you now have the right mix of power and distance. But there may be instances where you will need to add a little more effort to get a better shot. The game will let you go a little ahead and keep pulling the ball back, and once you do this, don’t be panic just yet, even as the target circle may try to throw you off and the power arrow moves you faster.

The App Golf Clash promises a real-time multiplayer golf experience in which you compete against players around the world. The game is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad for free download.

How do you play Golf Clash?

First of all, golf clash is a kind of trading card game. So you open chests to find thugs. If you have enough cards from a club together, then you can use this in the game.

You can play Golf Clash against a random player or against your friends, which means you have to connect to Facebook. For each win against random players, you get cups, which in turn new leagues are unlocked.

Golf Clash then works as follows. Alternately, the golf ball is hit. You always look at the other player and see how he hits the ball. When it’s your turn, first select the point where you want to hit the golf ball. The first impact point will be displayed and another line will show how the ball will continue to fly. Accordingly, you have to plan ahead.

In the second step, you determine the strength. If you draw the ball into the circle, it flies to where it was displayed at the previous step. However, it depends on skill and luck, because an arrow must be caught as centrally as possible.

Now try to keep the ball always on the fairway, because only here the golf ball jumps on, while he does not jump in the rough. So it goes on until you have the golf ball to the finish and thus holed. The player who requires fewer strokes wins the duel. If both players need the same number of strokes, a stroke decides at the end. Who is closer to the goal wins.

Golf games are available in the Google Play Store and the App Store. But most of the time it is minigolf, which is played alone. Golf Clash, on the other hand, promises real-time golf against players around the world. Whether and how this works, we have looked at a closer look.

Where can you download 1 Golf Clash?

The game can be downloaded for free in the app stores of Apple and Google. In the iTunes Store of the iPhone manufacturer, the download weighs about 142 MB. That’s pretty much, but the game also offers nice graphics and animations.

Unlock chests

Unlock chests and discover premium rackets and balls for an upgrade. Save records of your stunning strokes and show them to others. Chat with your opponents and send emojis in the middle of the game and even in the middle of the game! Develop yourself through challenging squares and weather conditions.

Practice and even more practice

If you play often, you can improve your clubs and unlock tournaments. In this white, you master your golfing skills to become the “Golf Clash” King. Develop through tougher tournaments as you “increase the stake.” There is super-fast 1-on-1 real-time play, which you can play if you want to practice more in-game.

Practice how to putt properly

When the ball nears the hole, the controls of the game will automatically change. You are required to putt so that the ball will shot down into the hotel. Similar to a regular shot, you are to pull back the ball in starting a shot. The bull’s eye will diminish. The path of light will show you where the ball is going to take the moment you release the shot. You can adjust the path the way you wanted it to. However, make sure that you minimize the amount of power that you are going to use otherwise the ball will miss the hole and roll over. Do not worry because the game will most likely remind you if the shot is too powerful.

Collect as many chests as possible

You know too well that chests contain clubs and other goodies. Hence, you should collect them as much as you can. In order to do so, simply connect your account to your Facebook, and you get a free platinum chest. Aside from that, you will have a chance to play with your friends as well. Make sure that you complete tasks of the game, aim for higher ranks, and check if there are chests because the game will be most likely to provide a free one every four hours. Open the chests as soon as you received them and use the coins, gems, or clubs that you obtained accordingly.

Join various tours

As much as possible, you should participate in various tours offered by the game. It will help you to gain funds especially if you win one. However, know that these tours require a registration fee before you can participate. Make sure that you have enough money for upgrades before you join one. Aside from that, since you’re most likely gamble your money here to earn more, make sure that you choose the tour you have high chances of winning to ensure that both the time and money that you invested will not go to waste.

Win a lot of trophies

Earning trophies is also one effective way of collecting more chests in the long run. As what we’ve mentioned above, participating in tours will give you a chance of winning trophies. However, each tour will give you a maximum number of trophies that you can win. Aside from that, you’ll be able to collect some coins from it as well. Replay it as much as you want if you want some coins. Here is a list of the trophies that you can win.

  • Beginner Tour is maximum of twenty trophies
  • Weast Coast Tour is maximum of fifty trophies
  • Asia Pacific Tour is maximum of one hundred trophy
  • 6-star Hotel Tour is maximum of two hundred trophies
  • Word Link Tour is maximum of three hundred trophies
  • US Champion Tour is maximum of five hundred trophies

Keep these winning tips in mind every time you play Gold Clash. It will introduce you to a great gaming experience you’ve never had before.