Pet Rescue

We are a  non-profit organization, which exists only on private donations and sponsorship. The aim of the  organization is to fight for animal-rights.

Apart from the legal team that works permanently to find new ways of helping and protecting animals, we are struggleing to help animals in urban areas by working with our volunteers and medical staff. Cash received from our donors, are mainly to pay for expensive surgeries and the purchase of medicines for pets supervised by us. All activity is completely voluntary and charity, we do not have state support – we count only on themselves and on the possible help of caring people. In other words, we – a group of people who are not indifferent to animals in the streets of our city. We want to present the current situation with regard to solving the problem of stray animals.

So what exactly are we doing? Our organization helps mainly injured animals, which stay on the street and cannot survive on their own. Theses animals, are coming to us either after the accident, with fractures and lacerations, poisoned animals, or beaten animals… At the moment, in the care of the organization are more than 50 animals, most of their lives on the edge.

 Almost all of these animals are in varying degrees of disability, some of them continue treatment to this day. In addition, we regularly dewormed and vaccinated animals, as well as purchase all necessary medicines and supplies.

Separate cost item we allocate to the sterilization of animals . In our opinion, this is perhaps the only way to present a humane regulation of the number of homeless animals. We have developed a special program, due to which, more than 500 animals were sterilized, and prevented thousands of unborn kittens and puppies, which most definettly would have ended being on the streets.  We encourage people who care about this issue, contribute to our fund sterilization.

All pets, present in the database, were once homeless. They were picked by many people, including members of our organization, if needed, to cure, socialize, and now they are given completely free, but only in responsible hands . In our database you will find photos and a description of the nature of pet owners looking for, as well as examples of happy stories connection of large and small hearts. Thus, we provide the opportunity to choose your pet, with whom you will spend some part of their lives, which will be faithful and loyal to you, and will bring joy to your life.

ATTENTION!  According to the status of our organization we do not provide commercial services to individuals and companies. If someone offers you on behalf our organisation any commercial services, then keep in mind that we have nothing to do with it. All such cases, please report to the police.