Night Owl Security System Review

Dec - 04

Night Owl Security System Review

Night Owl Securities are makers of security cameras and several other security products. This is very recent in the security technology business, the company was founded in 2009 in Florida. They are the producers of complete security systems for both housing and business institutions, as well as cameras and standalone DVRs. Ensure that you go through Night Owl Security System Review before you acquire one of these devices

Initiating a Night owl total security system can be actualized in two ways. If you desire a practical familiarity and don’t mind undertaking it manually, Night Owl offers how-to steps and instructional videos to easily arrange your structure with tiny or no stress. You may frighten you would destroy something or you don’t even have the time. Night owl also deals in specialized fitting services just scroll to the link on their website and get a quotation to plan an appointment with an installer at whenever you want.

Are you looking for a security camera that is very affordable and does not require observing fees or any other hidden charges for your household and workplace? Night Owl is a giant trademark, in accumulation to carrying several types of security resolution, their primary attention is on camera.

Many people feel a bit unsure about the current time in their home due to rising burglary rates. But what can give you the feeling of security and also bring something? Right, a security camera. Although this does not directly prevent the burglary, it ensures in the best case that either the uninvited visit quickly noticed or at least in hindsight, the police can give some additional information. So getting a security camera is a great idea for home or property protection.

This review is about the Nightowl Security Camera a very upscale outdoor surveillance camera.

Ease of setup

The Nightowl Security camera is very easy to set up. And this makes it an awesome security camera that you can own. Basically, you have two options when setting up. The first is by LAN cable (which of course after the device is no longer needed if you want to use W-LAN), and the second is per WPS.

Just follow the instructions for both options. No matter how you want to set up the camera, the first step is, of course, to connect them to the power and screw the wireless antenna. The instructions are packaged neatly inside of the manual, so you should have no trouble at all setting up either of the two options. This makes the Nightowl security Camera really something easy to set up. Even if you are not that much of a technically minded person, all you will need to do is to follow the instructions. And then it becomes that easy to connect the camera to wherever you need to. For example, if you want to use WPS, the camera connects to the power, positions it near the router and presses the WPS button. When this is done press the Reset / WPS button on the wiring harness of the camera for 3 seconds. All steps are well described so that even a beginner should do it easily.

User-friendly interface

To access the Nightowl user interface, simply enter the IP address in your web browser. If you do not know them, you can simply consult the security camera tool from the facility. At the end of the installation, there will be an explanation to you how to set up the post office for access via the Internet.

Security camera quality

Of course, the Nightowl is not a conventional video camera and therefore you may not or only partially compare the images with these. Inside the Nightowl Camera is a large camera sensor, which is around only 2 MP. Why only that much megapixels? An image sensor which has less resolution but is still quite large of the surface is generally better in low light conditions clear, so make 2MP in a surveillance camera quite useful. The picture quality and the video quality, is fairly decent. If a person is sufficiently close to the camera, you can easily recognize faces or even a car and its brand.


This Night Owl Security System Review will recommend that you get the Night Owl Security Camera if want to get something that is relatively easy to set up and provides more than an adequate amount of security.