Nearshore Romania: Affirming Europe as the New Services Hub

Sep - 02

Nearshore Romania: Affirming Europe as the New Services Hub

Due to the current economic climate, many world-leading organizations are forced to reconsider their local and foreign IT outsourcing options to improve productivity and costs. These organizations are now considering the option of balancing their location risk by relocating some IT located in offshore regions like India, and consider the utilization of other talent pools in new areas, such as nearshore Romania.

The nearshore option provides some benefits and has become more valuable for IT projects. Many utilize them due to their proximity, time zone, cultural empathy and good service delivery. When considering the criteria for choosing an offshore location, you have to take some things into consideration like price, quality of the labor pool and level of cultural empathy with the UK. Fortunately, there has been the introduction of new, nearshore areas of central and Eastern Europe that is more accessible and has a close proximity to the UK than conventional offshore locations.

These nearshore locations have become a viable option for UK companies to contract out business process outsourcing, IT projects and engineering services. One of the most popular nearshore regions is nearshore Romania.

The Romanian option has an attractive feature due to its high-quality services, multilingual, engineering and IT professional teams that confront challenges and fits into the cultural settings.

They utilize an iterative and active development technique to ensure successful service delivery. These capabilities are all combined together to undertake confronting, complex IT projects – with growing business activities.

Romania has taken a bold step in the IT outsourcing arena following the entrance of EU at the start of 2007 and is now considered as a highly attractive region. According to the A.T. Kearney’s 2009 Global Services Location Index, the country is one of the newest offshore star in Europe – and have the highest rank compared to all the other nations in the analysis and is placed in the nineteenth century, while the remaining countries in the zone have experienced a decline in their rankings. Due to the factors highlighted above, consider your options and make a decision that suits your needs and requirements.