Monitor the Effects of SEO with A Keyword Rank Tracker

Dec - 19

Monitor the Effects of SEO with A Keyword Rank Tracker

Analyzing visitors, having a website and doing on-page and off-page optimization is not all there is to be a webmaster and an internet marketer. With the help of a Keyword rank tracker, you will need to understand and see how your website is ranking in various search engines (at least Bing, Yahoo, and Google) on the web. This is applicable for every keyword that you are interested in. having knowledge of the search engine result position (SERP) is very important if you desire to understand the fluctuations in income, traffic volume or perhaps anything related to the search engine ranking.

What this actually means is that you can manually track keywords; all that is required is you typing your desired phrase and then look up the position of your target page. It is important you are aware of the fact that the manual approach to this process lacks some vital steps. This is actually not enough if you want to check the ranking. It is important that you have the position of your target page recorded alongside other relevant data. By keeping the position of the page, you can determine the importance of the changes made to the website that had some effect on the ranking. It is quite natural for there to be fluctuations in the position, the algorithms of the search engines are being modified and new websites are hosted daily alongside other factors. The best possible way to go about tracking the position of your website is employing the services of some software. You can find different tools on the internet.

Now, we’re going to teach you how to make the most out of a keyword rank tracker effectively. Here are the following steps to execute:

  1. Choose your target search engine

Choosing the search engine that you’d like to achieve having a high rank is important. It should be considered according to your visitor’s preferences. Now, if you wanted to cover international visitors, you might want to choose Google as it is the most popular among the other search engines. But if you intend to target a particular country, then you might want to search the most used search engines on their locations before you set it up in your rank tracker.

  1. Optimize your homepage

Your homepage refers to where you’d like your visitors to land should they click your website’s link. Now, you need to sort out your list of keywords and choose the best page that is most suitable for every keyword that you’d like to track. Make sure that the content of the page you are going to choose can be easily navigated and provides information that your visitors are looking for. Aside from that, make sure that the content is completely relevant to the keyword that you are going to use

  1. Include your opponent’s site

Aside from your own website, you might want to add your opponent’s site as well. Tracking your competitor’s rankings can help you compare and think of a better way of competing them as well. In your rank tracker, select the Preferences and proceed to Competitors. Fill in the information that they require about your competitors and provide their URL as well.

Now, in monitoring your own ranking, you can also visit your competitor’s progress as well. Just click the Show Competitors.

  1. Modify your preferences

For instance, if you are going to use 100 keywords, you might want to limit the number of keywords that you’d like to check. Maybe the top 50 or top 20 of the keywords will do. Some business owners prefer to check the keyword with the highest rank only. You can modify it all in the preferences.

  1. Monitor your progress

Monitoring your progress is important in using keyword tracker. Simply click the check ratings and update it from time to time. The difference is shown and calculated in your ranking progress. Aside from that, a graph is provided to give you an insight how you improve upwards or move downwards. This visual form of progress will hopefully help you to determine which of the keywords are most useful. You can also set a particular date in comparing the results in your current ranks.

There you go. Once you have started, monitoring your progress regularly is required. In that way, you can continuously make progress along the way and eliminate keywords that generate less to no traffic at all. Rank trackers are easy to use, convenient, cost-effective, and a tremendous help for business owners who wanted to develop their websites in the long run further.