Injustice 2 Cheats: An Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Pro

Sep - 02

Injustice 2 Cheats: An Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Pro

When dealing with hacks, the most common Injustice 2 cheats used on mobile are speed hacks for auto fighting functions, to quicken fights, displaying AI attacks, auto-counters and a host of others. Such functions can be incorporated into the game via different techniques like modding, decompiling, and recompiling the Injustice 2 APK/IPA or to utilize memory editors like GameGuardian of Cheat Engine on your mobile gadget or on your emulator installed on your PC. But always remember that modded game files have to be updated at regular interval as the game gets a newer version or your cheats will stop working.

Below are some tips to help you reach your target;

Battle in the Arena

Participating in Arena matches and defeating other competitors will earn you special rewards available only in that game mode. This mode pits you against teams organized by other live players that are managed via the AI. How you utilize energy to keep competing within the Arena works in a different way to how you utilize it throughout the whole campaign. Instead of focusing on the team strength, the Arena energy model focuses on someone character’s energy meter. If you are still left with at least three heroes when someone’s energy and strength finishes, replace them with someone fresh and keep on competing.

Operations & Resource Missions

In order to quickly attain this specific stage and earn more rewards, send characters on operations all over the globe to the real world so as to generate more time. Endeavour to level up your Operation advancements with Power Gems, too. Your designated character for an operation will have more chance completing it when there is an increase in the speed of the game. Ensure that there is an increase in the threat level of your Heroes so that they get better Operations. As regards daily Resource Missions, completing this level will give you extra XP Capsules (you will even get credits on Sundays). The character class changes on a daily basis; you must take note of this factor before choosing your characters to accomplish a task.