Evaluating the Features of Adult Hosting

Sep - 02

Evaluating the Features of Adult Hosting

At this point, you are not new to the fact that adult contents are dominating most of the data on the World Wide Web. Statistics have it that an average internet user is exposed to sexually explicit content once every day, whether they are fine with it or not. This is perhaps because of the fact that you visit some of your favorite websites or maybe because you come across some pop-up notification that interests you to see more to these cam girls. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is the fact that sex is highly demanded, thus it is a profitable business. Below you will find a list of the type of websites that requires an adult hosting service provider.

Websites that would require an adult friendly hosting:

  1. A website that host pornographic images or/and streams porn, this means that all the adult content will be on your own private server while on the server.
  2. A fetish community.
  3. A website that embeds porn images or/and videos, this means that though you will show videos and images, they will not be hosted on your private server.
  4. A forum whose discussion is centered on sex or/and shares videos and images that are sexually explicit.
  5. A personal website/blog that is aimed at sharing your sexual adventures.
  6. A sex webcam website.
  7. A platform that accommodates its users interacting sexually. For instance, Chatroullete.com.
  8. Sexual animation, it may be manga porn, anime porn, cartoon porn or anything illustrating sex.

Thinking of your specific requirements:

If per chance you are just starting out, opting for a shared adult hosting is actually not a bad idea. This is ideal in most cases but if you intend on hosting your own content, meaning that the contents will be uploaded on your server rather than having it embedded, then you can look into acquiring a dedicated server or a VPS that offer storage of over 100GB. If on the other hand you will be hosting a forum, or writing a program, opting for a VPS over the shared hosting is advised.