Essential App to Help You Find or Retrieve Your Lost/Stolen Laptop

Aug - 25

Essential App to Help You Find or Retrieve Your Lost/Stolen Laptop

It is somewhat a devastating experience to lose a laptop by either theft or misplacing it. The financial loss is quite tough to deal with, owing to the fact that laptops are not cheap these days, but the most important concern is the loss of personal photos, documents, files and other sensitive data. This is very dangerous if information like your online banking accounts along with other personal data gets into the hands of a criminal. This is where a service like the one from comes in handy.

This security and tracking software claim to incorporate an additional layer of security to your laptop, just in case something bad happens. In certain situations, they should find it very easy to remotely wipe sensitive data and lock down your lost/stolen laptop. Nonetheless, the software is capable of providing the location of your lost/stolen for retrieval. If your laptop was stolen, it is important that you take all the necessary steps to report it to law enforcement.

Can the software meet with all these promises? At the juncture, it’s only right that we investigate.


EXO5 is very useful when you have many devices that you want to track. Most home users think it is not the right choice for them, owing to its small-to-medium business-oriented approach when tracking a laptop.

First and foremost, you need to navigate to the settings tab to download the agent installer, it is actually a standalone file that should be installed on any device that you want EXO5 to track in case something bad happens. When you are done with the installations, navigate to ‘Assets’ tab to view the devices.

When you select one of the devices to track, you’ll be provided with its location on Google maps, thus employing the same WiFi triangulation technology that most tracking software makes use of. The results were great, it was correct with the road but it missed out on some buildings, as this has been patched by some other competition in the business. You will find the public IP address along with information on if the device has access to the internet or not.

The OS/hardware section assists in listing the hardware configuration of your devices. This is not very important unless you want to check if the individual that found your missing laptop or the individual that stole your laptop did some modification to the laptop’s hardware. The software tab, on the other hand, provides more details on the programs installed on your laptop and the event log provides you with information on what the recent activities Carried out on your laptop

Majority of these features are designed most especially for companies or individuals that want to ensure that a laptop is used for its primary purpose.

One feature that stands out among all other features is the handy RemoteKill feature. The RemoteKill feature basically encrypts folders and files whenever the laptop is lost or stolen. There are various presets you will find already preconfigured, among which you will find the ‘All Microsoft Outlook.pst’ files, they assist in securing important data easy and quick. A boot sector lock can be included to shut the lost or stolen device. It is important you are aware of the fact that the boot sector lock can be reversed.