Cooking With Offset Smokers – Essential Tips for the Beginner

Sep - 02

Cooking With Offset Smokers – Essential Tips for the Beginner

Cooking with barrel smokers, which is popularly referred to as offset smokers can be a both a rewarding and fun experience. Offset smokers do have a separate firebox that is incorporated into the cooking chamber, thus allowing direct or indirect cooking in the smoking chamber and direct grilling in the firebox. On mastering the art, the indirect cooking method produces excellent barbecue, smoked poultry, meat, and fish. Conferring to the professionals at Smokegears, The secret of indirect cooking is attributed to the ability to maintain a cooking temperature over a period. If tried by a novice, they are bound to have trouble and it tends to be an unsatisfying skill to learn. This article is centered on going through the basics that will assist you in mastering your offset smoker.

The market is filled with smokers from various manufacturers and it can be a very tiring task to determine what model will suit your needs. While searching for the ideal smoker for your needs, there are various offset BBQ smoker options that are quite necessary for you to pay rapt attention to. Opting for an offset BBQ smoker is not a bad idea; some experts say it is the best bet.

When you are out to purchase an offset smoker, one of the major considerations should be the thickness of the steel used for fabricating the smoker. Offset smokers with thin gauge steels were observed not to retain as well as those fabricated from thick gauge steels. The inability of the thin gauge steel to retain heat making it difficult for a consistent cooking temperature to be maintained.

In addition, the temperature close to the firebox may be hotter than the other areas in the cooking chamber. The thinner the steel, the more obvious the temperature difference and you may be left with no other option but to rotate the meat more often. It is still possible to cook excellent barbecue and smoked poultry, meat, and fish with a thin gauge steel smoker; all that is required is a lot more work.

No matter what your choice of an offset smoker is, it is important you know the key to slow and low cooking is maintaining a suitable cooking temperature. This can be achieved by understanding how your offset smoker of choice operates, and remember practice makes perfect.