Check our Apartments in Ibiza for consideration as Animal Welfare Offices

May - 16

Check our Apartments in Ibiza for consideration as Animal Welfare Offices

Right from 2007, the Spanish media has reported the downward spiral of the Spanish housing market – check our apartments in Ibiza. This has been interspersed with reports on the broken dreams of pensioners who have been ejected by fraudsters or crooked Costa Blanca or Costa Del Sol councils. Newspaper readers are always on the lookout for tales of misfortunes involving other people. But apartment, villa or house owners and buyers in Ibiza can maybe smile a little in the realization that their property market is different from that of the other areas in Spain.

So, why is there a difference between Ibiza, and the expatriate area of Alicante? A lot of the mainland towns near the Costas used to witness a deluge of Brits relishing the good life. Most of the pensioners lived a lot more comfortably that they normally would in the UK. The sun was great and the low prices were even better.

Ibiza has never been a haven for retirees, therefore, the fall in 2007 of the Sterling, from the point when a pound could buy one-and-a-half euros to the present time where a pound is worth just a little bit more than a euro has not resulted in a huge number of poor Brit pensioners struggling to pay their mortgages or rents on the island. It’s been challenging, but definitely not as bad as in mainland Spain.

The enormously cosmopolitan nature of the island of Ibiza is also a great thing as it attracts property investors from all over Europe. When the economy of one country is struggling badly, other countries can come to the rescue. For instance, a couple of years back, a lot of Germans were putting up their properties for sale when the economy was bad. Now, they are investing in properties. Russians are also keying into Ibiza, and that can only be a good thing.