Buying Guide for the Best Vlogging Camera – What to Look Out For

Sep - 07

Buying Guide for the Best Vlogging Camera – What to Look Out For

In past times, only a selected group of YouTubers were fortunate to know about the growing market trend of Vlogging. This led to the explosive growth of vloggers regardless of their experience. Although many vloggers make use of their smartphone to capture daily activities, some might want to improve more by acquiring a dedicated camera for quality audio and video. Due to the numerous varieties of cameras available on the marketplace, we have helped narrow down the options to choose the best vlog camera available in the marketplace today.


If you are vlogging while on a trip, you might opt for a camera that can transfer your videos to different medium without hassles or discomfort. All the models listed earlier in this article come with inbuilt  Wi-Fi connectivity, which implies that they can be linked to your tablet, laptop, and smartphone wirelessly and for an easy transfer of the footage. Some can perform the same task via NFC, if your smartphone comes with that feature.

Certain models also come with partner smartphone apps but they have varying complexity. Choose the one with advanced modes to enable you get several features such as quick compilation settings and auto-editing. This quickens the processing rate and at the same time gives you more time and opportunity to concentrate fully on taking shots for your fans.

Image stabilization

Vlogging often implies shooting on a stretch, without making use of a tripod. Regardless of the area you are positioned, whether on the foot, in the back of a car, or mere holding the camera on your hand, image stabilization offers a genuine advantage – especially when it comes to taking hand-held panning shots.

This technology reduces the impact of camera movement or hand-shake whilst delivering footage that is stable and smoother. There are numerous varieties of stabilization, but they have different modes of operation, whether the physical (which allows the movement of lens and sensors) or the electronic (which counters the movement of the camera digitally), but they offer the same benefit: less jerky footage.

But there is a limit to the effectiveness of the device especially when the movement is random and violent. For instance, if you are running. But, you have nothing to worry about because the electronic stabilization is now so modernized that certain models can remain stable even when overloaded or overworked.

Focal length

There has been an improvement in the versatility of the lens over the past years, but you should also consider how you will be shooting when you select your vlogging companion.

If you want to film while placing the camera on your hand, then it is advisable to opt for a wide-angle lens – something within the range of 12-18mm – as this enables you to capture a wider scene from top position and the camera will remain firmly rooted.

Conversely, if you want to record via a tripod, I suggest that you consider something within the range of 50mm. These lenses offer greater versatility and are generally sharper. It even allows you to capture crisp footage with beautiful blurred background effects.

Battery life

On a final note, you should also consider the battery life of your preferred camera especially if you plan to shoot throughout all day. It is advisable to get a camera that can capture a wider distance.