Best Coverstitch Machine Reviews – What You Need to Know About Coverstitch Machine

Sep - 07

Best Coverstitch Machine Reviews – What You Need to Know About Coverstitch Machine

What do you know about cover stitch? It is simply a unique type of stitching method applied on hems. The craft is generally more durable than the stitch utilized by the conventional sewing machine. So, another issue to consider is, what is the recommended best cover stitch machine? Well, in order to get the right answer to your question, I suggest that you peruse this article carefully.

Now, I am sure you know that sewing machines especially the standard model, usually create zig-zag shaped stitches. They also perform well by creating strong, near hemming stitches. But the fact is that the experienced and even  DIY sewists prefer to have a separate coverstitch appliance for the job. Especially if they are looking to undertake high volume work! Or probably they want to get a perfectly professional finish.

Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine    

We will start by talking about a unit designed by the Janome brand. The company is known as one of the leading sewing machines manufacturers for several years now. And it has a strong and excellent reputation as established by her loyal customers. So I guarantee that the Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX will offer exceptional performance and at the same time guarantee success. Another point that you should note is that this appliance is designed mainly for professional applications.

One of the exciting features of this appliance is the generous bed space.  The extra-large space makes it incredibly easy to work on heavy-duty projects. Another distinguishing feature is the speed of the machine, a whopping 1000 SPM! I must say that this is at the optimal level!

Asides that, the machine also come with the Seam Tightening working mechanism. This is an automatic compartment provided specifically by Janome coupled with their industrial-style machines. In addition, the adjustable presser ensures that the fabric gets into the appliance conveniently.

Other remarkable characteristics include the incorporation of 3 needles into the appliance coupled with the ability of the machine to handle and support 4 thread spools. The stitch length is between 1mm to 6mm. That enables you to get access to all stitches regardless of their length. So there are no downsides associated with this.

Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch

If you are looking for an affordable and budget-friendly sewing appliance, I suggest that you opt for the Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch. This brand is famous for delivering quality and value. And this is exactly what you should expect from this appliance.

You can use this appliance with several materials and for a diverse range of sewing projects. Thanks to the incorporation of high-performing features into the alliance such as the easy and quick looper system for threading!

Even the use of three needles is an easy task. A single one is ideal for woven fabrics, decorative effects, and tape binding. Then two needles are perfectly ideal for fine fabrics and quality stitching while three are perfect for activewear garments/sewing sports. It is obvious that you can perform several sewing operations with this device.

The speed of the machine is 1100 SPM. So it is obvious that you will be using a speedy machine ideal for professional sewing operation as well. The length falls between 2mm – 4mm while the width is between 3mm – 6mm. And another exciting feature is that the dials used for adjusting the width and length are available at your disposal.

In conclusion, the Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch is an affordable, high-quality option for hobbyists and beginners.