About Us

The LFDA is a center for scientific, philosophical and multidisciplinary studies and reflexions and legal proposals aimed at balancing the relationship between the human species and other animal species.

In all its activities, the LFDA Foundation relies on the sciences, life sciences, as human, historical, social or economic sciences, to motivate and inspire the philosophical reflection of Ethics, which justifies in its The establishment of a modern Animal Right. This program of elaboration of an Animal Right, established in the name of Ethics, justified itself by the Sciences, for “intellectual”, does not leave aside the feeling of immense compassion for these beings Living sentient beings that man tries hard to treat badly, whereas it would suffice to think to act with gentleness.

What are the missions of the LFDA Foundation?


In the civil code and the code of the environment, the nature of being sensitive to any animal, vertebrate or invertebrate apt to feel the pain, as to experience emotions.

Publicize, improve and extend

National, Community and international legislation and regulations aimed at preserving the disappearance of animal species living in freedom and

Welfare, health and safety of all animals, domestic or wild inmates

Or used by man.

Ensure strict execution

Animal welfare laws and regulations.

Support, develop, realize

(Biological, sociological, economic, historical), juridical, philosophical, literary or artistic studies and research on the relations between man and animals, aiming at valuing respect for animal welfare as well as Preservation of animal biodiversity.

Promote, disseminate, implement

Information, training and teaching based on the ethics of knowledge and respect for animal life.

Cooperate in achieving these objectives

With parliamentarians, public authorities and national, supranational or international bodies, educational and research institutions, non-governmental animal welfare organizations, and professional bodies concerned with animals.