A Guide to GPS Technology and Mobile Phone Tracking

Nov - 05

A Guide to GPS Technology and Mobile Phone Tracking

These days, you are not required to purchase this costly paraphernalia for handyortung, as these technologies have been made easily accessible by telecommunication companies. Now, allow me to provide you with some basic info and a few alternatives that can enable you to stay connected to your family and friends.

How to trace the location of a cell phone in an emergency? Most likely, one questions that gives you so much trouble, especially after 11th Sep. 2001 is; “How do I trace a mobile phone location in case of emergency?” This incident necessitated the request for 911 emergency calling capabilities, thus increasing the request for GPPS tracking technology in cell phones. By the end of 2005, most cell phone carriers had the ability to monitor phone calls within 100m. Make use of GPS mobiles: Get to know how to locate a cell phone location.

In the bid to satisfy the FCC requirements, cell phone carriers decided to install Global Positioning Technology into mobile devices, instead of totally bringing their tower network to a halt. However, GPS technology that is being used in a good number of phones bears no similarity with the technology in GPS phones that you carry when you go hiking. Most times, these cell phones do not let you access GPS data and therefore, you are required to make use of a wireless network in the bid to trace a mobile number or receive some guidance about its current location. You will have the opportunity to trace the location of a cell phone only if you make a call to 911 emergency services.
If you want to be aware of how to find the location of a cell phone, I must state that this is impossible if the owner of the cell phone you are trying to locate does not possess the perfect kind if mobile which enjoys the right kind of services and is connected to a proper network.

GPS enabled phones
If you wish to find out how to locate the location of a cell phone, you can reach out to cell phone service providers. Motorola and Blackberry were the earliest GPS enabled cell phones that grew in number in America. Early on, Motorola “iDEN” was usually used to keep tabs on workers. Later on, GPS enabled blackberries begun to find their way into the consumer market. Later on, GPS enabled Blackberries began finding their way into the consumer market, though only government and corporate VIPs or business executives used it in the early days. These mobile phones were followed by the coming into force of specialty devices that were created with the needs of senior citizens and kids in mind. By 2009, some cell phone tracking services had been made accessible along with the already major GPS enabled mobiles.

Wireless Networks
Although GPS enabled cell phones are great at tracing mobile phones or text messages, they can never show your location to others if you are not connected to any wireless network. In America, mobile phone carriers operate wireless networks that are used for GPS tracking. It is impossible to negotiate with mobile phone carriers if you want to access information on a specific number.