4K Gaming Monitor For Xbox One X

Dec - 04

4K Gaming Monitor For Xbox One X

The Xbox One X goes beyond rivalry by presenting a natural 4K HDR output along with other functions which are used for several game monitors all around the world. You can find so many outstanding HDR TV’s in the market, but the lower latency controllable scopes of a computer display make it more suitable. Structuring a combat place encompassed of a PC and the Xbox one X is more convenient with the 4K gaming monitor for Xbox One X, plus selecting this alternative saves you money, energy, and space.

Selecting a monitor for the Xbox one is not difficult as long as the products are up to the simple requirement for it to be usefulness. Unless user wants to relish the full merit of HDR or equal the selected display to a Nvidia or AMD GPU for exclusive Adaptive Sync Solution, they won’t require something decorative. In as much as your chosen brand includes an HDMI 2.0a space which is HDCP 2.2 friendly, you can benefit the 4K HDR gaming and also stream on your Xbox One X.

The ViewSonic XG2700-4k allows for an excellent 10-bit IPS panel proficient for highest image duplicate permitted by a dependable plant adjustment. This strong yet practical brand can reduce its input lag to 11ms using an overdrive function not forgoing the productivity’s reliability.

The Viewsonic XG2700-4K is a 27-inch screen with IPS panel and UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Viewsonic markets the model as a gaming monitor and has implemented the screen with the free sync technology. It synchronizes the image frequencies of graphics card and gaming monitor to prevent graphical issues and misfires. Specially adjustable game modes for specific game scenarios are intended to further enhance gaming fun. Whether the Viewsonic XG2700-4K can establish itself successfully in the gaming scene, is something that you can find out further in this review.

Great quality and screen refresh rate

Even in the factory settings, the Viewsonic XG2700-4K convinces with good brightness, high contrast, and sharpness. In addition, the UHD screen shows a very homogeneous brightness distribution over the entire IPS panel. Really fun playing makes the high UHD resolution, which shines with super-sharp and detailed images. The drawback of the UHD screen over lower resolution gaming monitors is the refresh rate of only 60 Hertz. Overall, this creates a great picture quality, which is amazing on gaming.

Before getting a 4K monitor for Xbox

Before going out and getting a 4K screen, you must have the following config otherwise it does not matter much. It is also better to play a game in 1080 in good conditions than in 4K with a config that cannot support that resolution

Indeed, the change to 4K doubles the number of pixels compared to full HD and therefore multiplies by 4 the final resolution. So, it requires a graphics card capable of managing this resolution, it requires more resources forcing.

But as stated before, the technological advances of the last months of the graphics cards are starting to give good results and it is now possible to build a good setup that can support the 4K without spending astronomical sums, thanks to the Nvidia GTX 1080 which is doing very well level performance in 4K. Just take a look at the digital benchmark to be convinced of the huge benefits of getting a 4K gaming monitor for your Xbox One.

Xbox games can be upscaled

Even if your content is not in 4K but in 1080, it is possible to the upscale, i.e. a scaling of the definition. This allows, in theory, to enjoy the 4K on basic content for 1080p.

The result is not super convincing but still correct, it’s better than playing 1080p but far from being as good as the real 4K. It looks more like the 1080p enlarged than the 4K but it still seemed interesting to you talk about it.

More detail in your games

This is the area where 4K is the most talked about. When you play, you stay close to your screen: the benefit of increased definition is real. A 4K monitor guarantees a more realistic immersion and more precise and fine details, which in certain precision games (FPS and simulators in particular) can bring a significant advantage. But we will also see that playing in 4K is not within the scope of all configurations, and therefore all budgets.